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Lost In The Marketing Jungle?

I can help you navigate.

one Trick Pony

I’ve been around the block.  I’m older than I look…

Areas of Expertise



The real stuff.  Not that fluffy 500 words B.S.  If it doesn’t convert it doesn’t matter.


I love presenting to clients and getting them excited about what’s possible.



I’m a super nerd about numbers.  To me, campaign success is measured by engagement and actions taken. 

Creative Direction

I love creating an environment where people can push past the default and find “the good stuff”

Video Production

I’ve helped teams create more hours of video than I can count on 100 hands (which I totally don’t have btw..(stop being weird Justin…))


I was building websites with dreamweaver and frontpage… yeah…I’ve been doing it a long time.

Years Experience

Major Cities

Bad Dogs 🐶

Coke Zeros (estimate)

Yes, I live on a farm
Yes, in Connecticut

Obligatory Testimonials

Justin is the most talented digital marketer I've ever met and I've met none because computers didn't exist in my time.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of The United States

Justin's digital marketing skills are unparalleled by any creature, land or sea.

Jacques Cousteau, Explorer & Filmmaker

Justin is a good boy and perfect in every way.

Justin’s Mom

My blog.  Because 1 billion others aren’t enough 🙂

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