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About Me

My wife once told me if her mind was as active as mine she’d probably go crazy.  I’ll take that as a compliment.

I’m Justin Young

I’m hopelessly optimistic, yet always unhappy with the “the way things are.”

There is ALWAYS an opportunity to push past the expected, question assumptions and get to the heart of any issue.

Although I do my best to anticipate negative outcomes I almost always see the glass as half full.

I firmly believe (and know) that great things comes from truly understanding the hopes and dreams of other people and helping them get everything they want.

My Skills

I love improving. Making things better is my main goal in life.
I constantly aim to improve myself and help others around me live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Life hacks?  Yes, please!

Over the past year I’ve read dozens of business and personal development books.

If you see me with earpods in, you can bet I’m listening to a new book.  I just can’t seem to quit.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Team Building
  • Negotiation
  • Getting Sh*t Done

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