Why should you "pick me"?

I'm not your typical Creative Director. 

Over the years my business cards have had many titles: 
Creative Director
Entrepreneur (not a very good one)
Lead Developer
Project Manager
VFX artist
Facebook Ads Manager
Data Analyst
Photographer and many others.

Having such a multifaceted career has taught me how to think bigger, how to focus my efforts for maximum impact, and how to pull a rabbit (or 3) out of a hat.
In recent years I've discovered the power of fostering strong team environments that create amazing work. It's nerdy, but I've read about a dozen books on that one subject.  To me, the wellbeing of the team comes first.

If you need someone who has the artistic chops to get his hands dirty, is obsessed about optimization, loves figuring out what motivates people to act, and is determined to help the team win, then I'm your man.  
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